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  8. AD - What's Your Wind Energy IQ?

    AD - What's Your Wind Energy IQ?

    Are you in the know about one of the world’s fastest-growing industries in clean energy?

    Take this 13-question quiz and find out.

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    AD- AACPL Quiz 2

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    AD-Best of Baltimore

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    Baltimore Sun's Promotion 43

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  29. Bandwagon or die-hard fan? Test your Ravens knowledge.

    Bandwagon or die-hard fan? Test your Ravens knowledge.

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    Big Game Trivia

    Big Game Trivia

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  39. DealHere




    Baltimore Sun health reporter Meredith Cohn, State House reporter Pamela Wood and business and health senior editor Chris Dinsmore have for a year been on the forefront of reporting on the coronavirus. They’ve talked with decision makers, experts and everyday citizens to bring you the answers you want. They work to hold officials accountable for the vaccine rollout, to explain how your children will be educated, to help you understand the hows and whys of getting a vaccine and so much more.

    In this exclusive virtual event for Sun subscribers, they’re ready to talk with you face to face about covering the virus, reopening, the vaccine rollout -- and anything else you want to know related to the coronavirus. And they’ll answer your questions, submitted in advance.

    This special event is free to subscribers of The Baltimore Sun. Ticket holders will receive a Zoom link and dial-in number via email closer to the event.

  41. ED-Sub Exclusive With Justin Fenton

    ED-Sub Exclusive With Justin Fenton

    Baltimore Crime, Cops & Corruption: A discussion with Baltimore Sun crime reporter Justin Fenton

    Join moderator Andrea McDaniels on Thursday, February 18th at 7pm for a conversations with Justin Fenton
    about Baltimore criminal justice and police reform. Dedicated time for asking reader-submitted questions.

  42. EXAMPLE - Breast Cancer Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Breast Cancer Quiz

  43. EXAMPLE - Colon cancer Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Colon cancer Quiz

  44. EXAMPLE - Coronoavirus Trivia Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Coronoavirus Trivia Quiz

    How Much Do You Know About the Coronavirus?

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    EXAMPLE - Diabetes Quiz 2

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    EXAMPLE - Diabetes Trivia Quiz 1

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    EXAMPLE - Flu IQ

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    EXAMPLE - Healthy Eating IQ

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    EXAMPLE - Heart Health Trivia Quiz

  50. EXAMPLE - Lung Cancer Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Lung Cancer Quiz

  51. EXAMPLE - Prostate Cancer Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Prostate Cancer Quiz

  52. EXAMPLE - Sleep Quiz

    EXAMPLE - Sleep Quiz

  53. Fandango Passes for two to DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE
  54. Hero of the Week

    Hero of the Week

    All submissions will be reviewed by our newsroom staff. Those that demonstrate an exceptional contribution to the well-being of residents in the Baltimore region will be contacted and featured on and in print.

  55. How much do you know about Cal Ripken Jr. and his consecutive games streak?

  56. How much do you know about Wes Moore?

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  61. Severn Bank Spending Personality Quiz

    Severn Bank Spending Personality Quiz

    What’s your spending personality?

    When it comes to money, we all have our own ways of budgeting and spending. Take our quiz to reveal your spending style.

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    Can We Guess Your Go To Hanukkah Food?

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  72. test survey
  73. Tickets for two to Deadpool & Wolverine at Horizon Cinemas in Glen Burnie July 25th

    Tickets for two to Deadpool & Wolverine at Horizon Cinemas in Glen Burnie July 25th

    Enter for a chance to win tickets for two to 

    Thursday, July 25th at Horizon Cinema
    in Marley Station.

    In the most anticipated film of the year, Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy.

  74. UMMS Diabetes Quiz

  75. UMMS Diabetes Quiz August 2022

  76. UMMS Survey

    UMMS Survey

    Please answer the following:

  77. Visuals event 3/17

  78. What kind of Preakness personality are you?

  79. Where i the World is Denisa?

    Where i the World is Denisa?

    Follow Denisa on between the dates of April 29 and May 14 and collect the 4 locations she visits in the world. Then send them in an email to for a chance to win a dining certificate in a local restaurant.

  80. Which Orioles logo are you?

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